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Co-Location Server Cabinets with
Zero Accessibility between compartments

These Co-Location Server Cabinets are true co-lo units with every compartment separated and secure. No shared cabling or power entry/exit points.

Cruxial Co-lo Server Cabinets

Cruxial Colocab™ Co-Location enclosures can be customized to your requirements. Call customer service at (800) 352-6631 to discuss what design works best for your needs.

Colors available

Why do we call this Co-Location rack Cruxial™?

Because one size does not fit all. We make 2, 3, 4, 5 doors, almost any u combination. They can be plexi, solid, vented or perforated. It's about versatility and changing needs. You're the hero when two years from now your configuration changes, and you can pick up the phone and order a different door while keeping everything else intact.

Planned obsolescence is not part of Rackmount Solutions' mentality. We focus on U so you can confidently buy, rack and move on to your next project.

Who buys this rack?
  • Co-location Centers
  • Data Centers with multiple clients sharing
  • Military
  • US Government
  • Education
  • Technical
  • Scientific
  • Any company who requires access security for some equipment, but open access to other hardware.
Co-Location Rack Features:
  • Vertical bays configured with 2, 3 or 4 individual doors, front and rear, each door pair keyed separately,
  • Available in 3 heights, 3 widths and 3 depths.
  • Base, casters and levelers standard.
  • Two sets of fully adjustable "L" shaped square hole mounting rails in each vertical bay
  • Vertical security panel available if you wish to gang several cabinets and remove side panels
  • Door options include Vented Lexan, Lexan, or Vented Steel
  • Fan top with 1, 2 10" 120V AC, 535 cfm fan(s) and two (2) cable access holes.
  • Made in the USA. Specify RoHS version if required at time of order.
  • Textured powder coat finish.

TWO BAY - 772436 RMS CL2
  • Co-Location cabinet. 19" rackmount, standalone cabinet.
  • Ext. Dims: 83.29"h x 28.33"w x 38.42"d
  • Provides for (2) 21u secure client compartments.
  • Patented Aluminum Extruded Welded Frame, base, levelers, a total of (2) stiffeners on each side for mounting split rails
  • (4) pair of “L” Shaped adjustable, 21U, square hole, reducer mounting rails to create a 19" rackmount space and including M6 hardware
  • Solid Top and Bottom Panels with (2) cable access holes with cover plates each
  • Steel front lexan door with vent pattern all around window and solid rear door. Front and back doors are keyed the same
  • (2) 4 1/2" fan assemblies mounted in upper area of rear door
  • Non-Perforated Horizontal Security Panel
  • (2) Single Vertical Cable Channel with transition box. (Top or Bottom Mount)
  • (2) 24" Power Strips, 110V 20A, (10) 20amp outlets, no switch, 12ft cord
  • Internally removable side panels
THREE BAY - 772436 RMS CL3
  • Co-Location cabinet. Provides for (3) 14u secure client compartments.
  • Ext. Dims: 84.5"h x 28.3"w x 38.4"d
    Int. Dims: 77"h x 19"w x 36"d
  • Patented aluminum extruded welded frame, solid base. No casters
  • Four stiffeners on each side to accommodate individual mounting rails in each bay
  • (6) pair of 14u "L" shaped adjustable reducer mounting rails to create a 19" rack, square holes with M6 hardware.
  • (3) Cable access holes in base to align with colo cable channel
  • Steel front Lexan doors with vent pattern around sides and solid rear doors with 4.5" fan assembles mounted in upper rear. Front and back doors are keyed the same
  • Internally removable side panels
  • Solid top panel with (3) 4.5" holes, grommets and cover plates to align with colo cable channel
  • Horizontal security panels mount to front and rear of frame.
  • Vertical cable channel with dual wireway, transition box and cutout on one side for cable entry into middle bay
  • Vertical cable channel with dual wireway, and cutout on one side for cable entry into top or bottom bay