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DC Power - Small Power Plants

The industry standard for small power plants telecom dc power. General Electric's wide range of small power plant dc power can fit any of your telecom applications. Call 1-800-352-6631 for assistance with your dc power.

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General Electric Line Power DC Power

Related Market: Telecom

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Line Power

GE's Line Power Systems are engineered to remotely power -48Vdc network equipment using +/- 190Vdc over existing copper lines deployed between central offices and remote outside plant cabinets. Applications include triple-play infrastructure, wireless network distributed antenna systems, and FTTN/FTTH fiber infrastructure.

The Line Power Systems modular architecture provides both upstream and downstream converters. Upstream converter shelves are available for both central office applications and outside plant cabinets. Upstream power converters take -48Vdc input and convert to +/- 190Vdc output power for distribution over twisted pair copper lines with appropriate input current limits and hold-over. Downstream converter shelves are available for 650 Watt and 1300 Watt applications. Downstream power converters take +/- 190Vdc input over twisted pair copper and convert to -48Vdc to power remote network equipment. This provides power distribution with battery back-up maintained at a central location to avoid costs of deploying and maintaining remote battery strings at OSP cabinet or customer premise locations.

Line Power Features and Benefits:

  • Hardened for extreme environments
  • Central Office and OSP cabinet deployment
  • Upstream and downstream modular architecture
  • High density power

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General Electric CPL DC Power

Related Market: Telecom

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CPL - Compact Power Line

GE's Compact Power Line is engineered to provide DC power for 48V distributed power architectures. A single shelf configuration provides up to 11kW of 48V output power in a 1u footprint with mounting options for 19" or 23" wide rack frames.

The Compact Power Line product platform is built to expand and grow easily. This is an ideal DC power solution for mission critical enterprise and telecommunications network equipment.

Compact Power Line Features and Benefits:

  • Compact 48V DC distributed power system
  • Efficiency approaching 97%
  • Maximum power in minimal space
  • Scalable to 80 kW
  • Powering enterprise and telecommunications networks

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General Electric Slimline Power System DC Power

Related Market: Telecom

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Slimline Power System - Slimline Power System

The Slimline Power System includes advanced controller features within a cost-effective and compact footprint. The Slimline Power System shelf is 1u in height and 10.3" deep, this unit also mounts in 19" or 23" wide frames, with three power slots for rectifiers and distribution. With ethernet connectivity the Pulsar Edge controller can facilitate remote network management to monitor and control rectifiers, batteries, and distribution.

Slimline Power System Features and Benefits:

  • Customer premise power for converged networks
  • Large plant features in a small plant package
  • 3000 Watts / 60 Amps single shelf capacity in 1RU
  • 10.3 inches (264mm) depth is ideal where space is restricted
  • 95% efficiency

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General Electric Power Express DC Power

Related Market: Telecom

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Power Express Shelf / Power Express Combiner

Class 2 

The Power Express Class 2 Distribution is a 1u shelf that provides 32 100VA limited circuits for safe powering of remote loads. NEC Class 2 rating allows for power cabling to be deployed in a data cable raceway instead of conduit which in turn reduce a good deal of labor and increases the speed to full deployment. Each shelf is built to support an alarm card for stand-alone deployment and can be linked to the RD-485 data bus through the RJ-45 connection on the rear of the shelf. This uplink allows each shelf to interface a GE Pulsar Plus controller which allows local access, alarming and control of each circuit in every shelf as well as remote interface over the controller LAN connection.

Power Express Remote Combiner

General Electric's Critical Power has developed the Power Express Combiner to provide safe and effective remote powering for loads that exceed 100VA capabilities of a single Class 2 circuit. The Power Express Combiner provides an interface for up to 8 Class 2 power circuits fed from the upstream location and provides safe, and NEC compliant, aggregation to deliver a bulk -48V power source for remote devices. The Power Express Combiner gives customerse the confidence that Class 2 deployments powering larger loads will meet NEC requirements because they are not connecting power circuits in parallel without galvanic isolation.

Power Express Features and Benefits:

  • Fast and Easy circuit terminations speed deployment
  • Individual circuit on/off/reset
  • Replace modules without re-wiring the shelf
  • Simple push button operation
  • Guaranteed Class 2 delivery with internal fusing (higher rated fuses cannot be installed thereby violating the class 2 performance)
  • Uplink to master controller for remote access over LAN

For help selecting the right system for you fill out our DC Power Systems Checklist

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