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Data Center Containers 200 - 1500kW

GE's new PowerMOD data center containers provide an innovative modular design for a complete, high-density, and energy-efficient turnkey data center. Take out the complexity, call today! 1-800-352-6631

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Data Centers are not a normal construction project. Due to the elevated growth of cloud based services and storage demands, designing a data center brings additional risks along with a lack of predictability. With investment capital and expenses, construction can also take an upwards of years to complete.

GE's Critical PowerMOD* Modular Power Container is often the easier and quicker answer, providing a contained power infrastructure system designed to have a low cost of ownership and minimal footprint, all the while incorporating high energy effeciency in an optimized solution available within months.

Best Data Center Option For:
  • Expanding an existing data center
  • Increasing data center capacity
  • Quickly deployable disaster recovery unit
  • Temporary capacity during large scale renovation
PowerMOD Container Offerings:
Power Rating
UL - 60Hz
UL - 60Hz
Power Rating
CE - 50Hz
UL - 60Hz
250kW / 500kW 20ft x 12ft 200kW / 400kW 7.6m x
DX Chilled H2O Evaporative
Up to 1000kW 40ft x 12ft Up to 800kW 12.2m
x 2.44m
Up to 1500kW 60ft x 12ft Up to 1200kW 18.3m
x 2.44m

Standard Size and Configurations for PowerMOD Containers:

General Electric | 500 kW PowerMOD
General Electric | 1000 kW PowerMOD
General Electric | 1500 kW PowerMOD