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Standard Server Cabinets

The Linier Series Standard Server Cabinet and ERK Standard Server Cabinet, are excellent values on a tight budget. These cheap server racks typically ship same / next day and provide the same great features for a fraction of the cost.

Cruxial Core Server Rack Cabinet   Linier Series Server Rack Cabinet   Middle Atlantic ERK Series Server Cabinet
Cruxial Core
Standard Server Cabinet

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The Cruxial Core Standard Server Rack Cabinet includes 100s of cable management points, adjustable marked mounting rails, casters, levelers, laser knockouts, split locking side panels, and more.
Server Rack Features:
Doors: Perforated
Rails: Universal Square
Height: 42u
Width: 19"
Depth: Up to 34" Usable
Supports: 2000 lbs static
Removable Split Side Panels
1 Year Limited Warranty
Cruxial Core Server Rack Cabinet
PCI Compliant Enclosure from Rackmount Solutions
  Linier Series Standard
Server Cabinet Rack

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The Linier Series Standard Server Rack Cabinet offers a wide range of doors for a standard economy server rack. Casters, levelers, multiple fan cut-outs and cable management features included.
Server Rack Features:
Doors: Vented, Glass, or Solid
Rails: Universal Square
Height: 22u, 27u, 37u, 42u
Width: 19"
Depth: 36" Usable
Supports: 1300 lbs static
Removable Side Panels
5 Year Limited Warranty
Made in the USA

PCI Compliant Enclosure from Rackmount Solutions
  ERK Standard
Server Cabinet Series

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The ERK Standard Server Rack Cabinet features welded side panels, large cable entry in bottom, laser knock-outs for cables, rear door pan standard. Order with front and rear door or only front with LRD model.
Server Rack Features:
Doors: Vented, Glass, or Solid
Rails: 10-32 Threaded
Height: 18u, 21u, 27u, 35u, 40u, 44u
Width: 19"
Depth: 23.5" Usable
Supports: 750 lbs static
Seismic Brackets Available
Lifetime Warranty
UL Tested
Made in the USA

Cruxial Core Standard Server Rack

The Cruxial Core Standard Server Rack is a 19" wide 42u server rack built with high-end features at a budget friendly cost. With multiple built in this server rack is prepared for cable to exit the top, bottom, or to be tied down the provided cable management rail. The vertical mounting rails are adjustable and pre-labeled for simple installation for multiple depths of equipment. This server rack includes a 50 piece set of cage nuts and screws, casters and levelers, as well as split locking side panels.

If you need help finding accessories or would like to purchase accessories and have them pre-installed talk to our sales team at 1-800-352-6631!

LINIER Server Rack Series

Multiple heights and depths

These 19" server cabinets are made in the USA to provide a cost effective, flexible and reconfigurable rackmount solution while maximizing your investment. Available with glass or perforated front door and perforated rear door.

Universal Storage
Designed around EIA universal standards, and compatible with OEM manufactured servers, from the leading vendors such as IBM, HP, Dell and Sun, as well as all 19" rack mountable products.

Cooling Requirements
This server cabinet provides advance storage flexibility while ensuring that multiple cooling requirements are met. The SR Series achieves significant cooling efficiency through a number of outstanding design and engineering features. The expanded steel design of all enclosure doors give 80% perforated area that ensures an ultimate air flow pattern.

Linier cabinets provide a simple, versatile cabling pathway throughout the rack frame. The rack framework, consisting of end frames, verticals, horizontal panel mounting brackets and reducing cable channels, give multi-directional cable pathways and numerous efficient cabling options for easy passage of large quantities of cables.

PCI Compliant Server Rack

If you need more versatility in sizes and options, our standard Server Rack series, made in the USA, will meet your needs.

KH-3100-3-001-22 22u rack cabinet KH-3100-3-001-27 KH-3100-3-001-37
KH-3100-3-001-42 KH-3110-3-001-22 KH-3110-3-001-27
KH-3110-3-001-37 KH-3100-3-001-42  
ERK Series Economy Server Cabinet

Multiple heights, one depth, front doors and 2nd set of rails optional

The ERK Server Cabinet series is made in the USA. Seismic rated to satisfy the UBC seismic zone 4 and IBC seismic use group III upper floor requirements for 600 lbs of essential equipment with optional ERKZ4 floor anchor brackets.

This 19" server cabinet series includes a grounding/bonding stud in the base of rack which facilitates proper grounding and bonding of electronic equipment, as per NEBS and NEC standards.

The server cabinets have one front set of 10-32 tapped rack rails , which are pre-punched for built-in cable management. Multiple lacing points and slotted rail brackets add vertical or horizontal cable management convenience. The ERK server cabinet series have removable rear plates which allow cable bundles to be easily passed over or under the standard key-locking rear door. Add a rear set of rack rails if you need to four point mount AV, security or IT equipment.

PCI Compliant for security if you add an optional locking front door.

The ERK is not suitable for all rack servers at 23.5" usable depth. If you need more versatility and options, our standard Server Rack series, made in the USA, will meet your needs.

ERK1825 ERK2125 ERK2725
ERK3525 ERK4025 ERK4425