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Specialty Server Racks

Made in the USA, these speciality server racks cover a wide range of unique IT / Networking Needs. From Quiet to Dust Resistant, from Air conditioned to Large Cable Drop, Rackmount Solutions has a rack for you. Most all of these specialty server racks are Made in the USA and can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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Air Conditioned Server Racks and Cruxial Network Racks

Air Conditioned Server Cabinet features rackmount HVAC unit, Side mount and rear mount HVAC available as well
Cruxial Air Conditioned Racks and Server Rack Cooling
Air Conditioned Server Cabinets

Learn More - Air Conditioned Server Cabinet features rackmount HVAC unit, Side mount and rear mount HVAC available as well
We'll design the exact A/C server rack cabinet for your needs. Select from rackmount or sidemount designs with air condition units ranging from 4K BTU to 20K BTU all of which meet or exceed NEMA 12 strict standards.
Air Conditioned Rack Features:
Doors: Vented, Glass, or Solid
Rails: Universal Square
Height: 24u to 48u
Width: 19", 23", 24", 28"
Depth: 24", 30", 36", 42"
A/C Types: Rackmount, Sidemount
A/C Size: 4K - 20K BTU
Made in the USA
Cruxial Network Racks
Cruxial Series from Rackmount Solutions
Cable Network Racks

Learn More - Network Rack designed for large cable bundles 35, 40, 42, 44u high 24", 30", 36"d Extra 4 - 10" of cabling area
Designed for large cable bundles this server rack provides up to 6" of extra space to route cables. Typically ordered as an open frame rack, unit can be fully customized to meet the needs of your space with doors, side panels, etc.
Cable Network Rack Features:
Doors: Open Frame
Rails: Universal Square
Height: 42u
Width: 19"
Depth: 24", 30"
Bonus Cabling Space: 4", 6"
Custom Configurations Available
Made in the USA
Cisco Switch Server Rack Cabinet for side vented switches
Cruxial Series from Rackmount Solutions
Switch Server Racks
Learn More - Cisco Switch Server Rack for side vented switches
Designed specifically for the large and heavy Cisco Nexus and Multilayer Director side vent switches. Meets and exceeds all published requirements. No additional baffling or duct needed. Lockable doors for PCI.
Switch Network Rack Features:
Doors: Vented
Rails: Universal Square
Height: 42u
Width: 19"
Depth: 24", 30"
Custom Configurations Available
Made in the USA
Customizable Secure Colocation Server Cabinets
Cruxial Series from Rackmount Solutions
Co-location Server Cabinets

Learn More - Co-Location Server Cabinet from Rackmount Solutions
These colocation cabinets include completely seperate interal sections for additional security. Each section has it's own front and rear door and is divided by plates to prevent tampering. Two bay or three bay available.
Colocation Rack Features:
Doors: Vented, Glass, or Solid
Rails: Universal Square
Height: 40u, 42u, 44u, 48u
Width: 19", 23", 24"
Depth: 30", 36", 42"
Custom Configurations Available
Made in the USA

Soundproof, Seismic & NEMA 12 Server Racks

AcoustiQuiet Soundproof Server Rack
Quiet Server Racks
Learn More - AcoustiQuiet Quiet Rack
Significantly reduce loud noise from servers and equipment. Rackmount Solutions offers soundproof server racks as small as 9u and as big as 44u cabinets. See the reviews and why these cabinets are a better solution than building a new dedicated space.
Soundproof Rack Features:
Doors: Solid, Glass
Rails: Universal Square
Height: 9u to 44u
Width: 19"
Depth: 21.8" - 42"
Sound Reduction: 14.0 - 30 dB(A)
Heat Dissipation: 1.5kw - 8kw
UL Listed | Rackmount Solutions
NEBS Zone 4 Seismic Datacenter Server Cabinet
GR-63 Seismic Server Racks
Learn More - Seismic NEBS Zone 4 Server Rack from Rackmount Solutions
Certified to NEBS 4 Telcordia (Bellcore) GR-63-CORE standards for seismic activity. If you live in an earthquake prone area these cabinets aren't just a luxory they are typically a standard for your data center and company. Need a custom seismic cabinet? Call.
Seismic Server Rack Features:
Doors: Vented
Rails: 10-32 Tapped, Universal
Height: 42u, 48u
Width: 19"
Depth: 23.75" - 40.12"
Custom Configurations Available
Made in the USA
WRK-SA Series 19-inch Server Rack Cabinet Enclosures
WRK-SA Seismic Racks
WRK-SA Series 19-inch Server Rack Cabinet Enclosures
The WRK Stand-alone server rack is designed for large cable bundles. Seismic certified to multiple standards when used with optional WRK-Z4 bracekts. Incredible load capacity of 10,000 lbs static and available in multiple sizes with endless accessories.
Seismic Server Rack Features:
Doors: Solid (Rear)
Rails: 10-32 Tapped
Height: 24u, 37u, 40u, 44u
Width: 19"
Depth: 25.75" - 30.5"
Custom Doors Available
Made in the USA
UL Listed | Rackmount Solutions
Great Lakes NEMA 12 Dust and Water Resistant Server Rack Enclosure
NEMA 12 Server Rack Enclosures
Learn More - NEMA Dust and Moisture Enclosure
Specifically designed and tested for dust and water NEMA protection standards. This server rack cabinet is typically found in machine shops, warehouses, and areas with dust and particles can be harmful to equipment.
NEMA Server Rack Features:
Doors: Solid
Rails: Universal
Height: 45u
Width: 19"
Depth: 39"
Includes 50 pack of screws
Made in the USA
UL Listed | Rackmount Solutions

Cruxial Cooler™ Air Conditioned Server Rack

If you're in a dirty environment or do not have the proper cooling controls in your surroundings, an air conditioned cabinet may be a perfect solution. Built with a rackmount HVAC unit from McLean, a side mount or rear mount unit is also available, depending on your heat load. Will work with any size in our RS series server cabinets. Choose from all solid, or lexan/solid combination doors. A/C units range from 2000 BTU to 20,000 BTU cooling. We do not put these on the on-line web cart as your environment/needs should be thoroughly understood before ordering.

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Cruxial Cable™ Network Racks

This Cruxial Cable™ network rack is designed for applications that need large bundles of cables to cascade down either side or both sides of the rackrails and still maintain lockable security! Based on the very reliable RS Series of server racks.The vertical rackrails are mounted on a channel that allows them to slide left or right as well as front and back. Mount standard 19" to one side of the cabinet and drop your cables down the other side, or rackmount to the center and let cables drop down both sides!

Innovative design allows 4-6" extra space on the 19-24" series and if you need more, the 19-28"series provides 6-10"! Good for Sun or Cisco switches that have bulk cabling coming off the front toward one side.

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Cruxial Cisco Switch Server Rack

Not many server racks will accomodate the large and heavy Cisco side vent switches. The oversize requirements and need for effective airflow design cannot be met without thorough knowledge of the switch's requirements and advanced rack design. The Cruxial™ Switch server rack meets and exceeds all published Cisco rackrequirements for their Nexus™ and Multilayer Director™ side vent switches.

Highly customizable with cable management, different door or top options, this rack can be made to fit your exact requirements. 42u and 44u

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Quiet Racks

The sound of IT equipment can make you crazy if it is not in a dedicated room. Our quiet racks are independently tested by third party labs to verify their sound reduction. We don't rely on statements such as 90% quieter. Several racks reduce noise by up to 28dBA. That's a HUGE drop in sound. At the same time, these models remove up to 7kW of heat. That's as much as some A/C racks. These are not lightweight, thin racks designed to hopefully muffle a little noise. These racks have specialized interiors or patented systems designed and manufactured specificially to reduce noise, while still removing heat put out by your equipment.

Our brands currently include the UCoustic™ 42 and 24u, the AcoustiQuiet™ in 6, 24, 35 and 44u (12u coming shortly), the AcoustiRACK Active™ in 15 and 33u.

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Seismic Server Rack

Certified by Telcordia (Bellcore) GR-63-CORE Seismic zone 4 standards, this rack is designed with seismic and tremor damage in mind. In addition to Telecom, Network and IT environments, this enclosure is ideal for any rugged or deployed application where resistance to shock, bending and vibration is required. When a rack is certified by Telcordia, it's for an exact height, weight, depth and load rate. We can build any of our Cruxial™ racks to the GR-63-CORE standard and for a volume order will have them certified and tested for your application.

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Cruxial Colocab™ Server Cabinets

These enclosures are available in 2 or 3 secure compartments. A true colocation cabinet has a front and rear door keyed alike, is separated from any adjacent compartment by a full metal floor to prevent cables from going through another part of the cabinet. It will have its own fans in the back of the door, totally independent of the other sections. If that level of security is not necessary, consider a less expensive alternative. Two or three front doors, a common back door, and a full length rackmount shelf separating the compartments. Options. It's all about what you really need.

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