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Neat Patch Cable Manager / Organizer

Tired of messy networks? Place the Neat Patch kit between a switch and a patch panel for complete cable organization. Great for a new network or cleaning up an existing install.

Cable Mess without Neat Patch Cable Organizer
Before Neat Patch

Compare to Panduit's WMP1E @ ea plus 24, 7ft Cat6 Patch cables UTPSP7
After Neat Patch

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Benefits of the Neat Patch Cable Organizer:
  • Neat Patch promotes bend radius compliance in patch cable management.
  • Patch cables are easier to trace from panel to electronics
  • Neat Patch is priced less than the leading brands of horizontal management.
  • Neat Patch is a patented plastic molded design that is non-conductive. Wire with confidence. No electrical issues such as surges or grounding since the plastic fingers are not riveted to metal or conductive D-rings.
  • Measures 3.5"h (2u) x 19"w x 8.75"d

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