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ZTX Series - Standard (Open) Transition

Provides reliable, easy-to-operate source switching for small frame commercial and light industrial standby power applications. 40-400A and 120-480V. For assistance call (800) 352-6631 to speak to an expert.

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ZTX Series | Rackmount Solutions

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The Zenith ZTX Series transfer switch is ideal for residential and light commercial critical / non-life safety applications where dependability and ease of use are necessary in a power contactor switch. The ZTX transfer switches are typically used in standby applications, and incorporate a double-throw mechanically interlocked contactor mechanism.

The ZTX transfer switches are equipped with the MX60 Control Panel.

ZTX Series MicroProcessor Includes:

  • Undervoltage sensing (90% pickup/80% dropout) of the utility source
  • Voltage and frequency sensing of the generator source (90% voltage/95% frequency pickup)
  • Time Delay Engine Start - 5 seconds (P)
  • Time Delay Engine Warmup - Transfer to Generator - 20 seconds (W)
  • Time Delay Utility Stabilization/Retransfer to Utility - 5 minutes (T)
  • Time Delay Engine Cool Down - 5 minutes (U)
  • Indicating LEDs for power availability, switch position and load energized
  • Pushbuttons for test, engine start (manual), generator exerciser, timer bypass and program cancel
  • Special status annunciation of in-phase transfer and timer operation
  • Selectable 7, 14, 21 or 28 day (factory set 28 days) generator exerciser timer
  • Diagnostic LED indications in logical one-line configuration All time delays are fixed.
  • A3/A4 Auxiliary contacts (1 each) closed in utility and generator positions
  • Integrated battery charger 1.5A/12V
  • Special timer settings

ZTX Series Scope:

  • Ratings 40 to 400 amps (2, 3 or 4 pole)
  • UL 1008, CSA listed
  • UL 1008 7th edition standard
  • Double throw, mechanically interlocked contactor mechanism
  • Electrically operated, mechanically held
  • Designed for standby applications
  • Seismic certified to IEEE-693-2005 at HIGH level with 2.5 amplification factor
  • Seismic certified to IBC-2006 at Ip=1.5 for z/h less than or equal to 1
  • 50 or 60Hz
  • 120 to 480VAC
  • Open type, NEMA 1 and 3R enclosures
  • OSHPD seismic qualifications


For help selecting the right transfer switch for your application
contact or call (800) 352-6631
and ask for a Power Specialist for an immediate response.